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Medeco`s Steelguard® Dropbolt

  Deadbolt Products

Deadbolt - Medeco`s Steelguard® DropboltFor the ultimate in protection against spreading the doorframe apart to gain entry along with protection against forced kick-in attacks, Medeco`s Steelguard® Dropbolt, (also known as a jimmyproof lock), offers the highest level of protection against forced attacks.
Used for commercial applications and for apartment doors in high-risk areas such as New York City.

Features & Benefits:

· Base and mounting screws fit flush with the door, providing a stronger installation.

· Double cylinder package provides for easy field conversion from single to double and is easy to service.

· Protected position of housing cover mounting screws shields the double cylinder deadbolt from vandalism.

· Angled and flat strikes constructed of stronger-than-steel copper-aluminum alloy.

· Mounting hole positions are compatible with popular “jimmyproof” deadbolts such as Segal® and Yale® and provide installation versatility.

· Made of the finest components to resist force and weather.

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