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Chassis & Cover:
Non-ferrous alloy

End caps: Metal

-1-3/4' (44.45 mm) thick,
-3-3/4' for single doors, wood or hollow metal
-3-1/2' (88.90 mm) minimum stile for double doors

Handing: Reversible

Allen-type key standard, cylinder available.

Top/Bottom Bolts/Latchbolt:
Brass 1/2' (12.7 mm) throw top, 3/4' (19.05 mm) bottom

Throughbolts: Order separately

Rail Assembly: Steel

Rail Size:
-F Rail furnished standard for doors up to 36', can be cut down to accommodate 32' doors.
-E Rail for doors up to 32', can be cut down to accommodate 24' doors.
-G Rails for doors up to 48', can be cut to accommodate 36' doors.

90'-extension kits available

AL, BRZ, Powder Coat, LBZ, (sprayed finishes).

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