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Hi there and welcome to Seattle's Locksmith site.

Starting out as a small family business employing the father, his 2 sons and a professional employee, UTS Locksmith Services (AKA: Seattle Locksmith) through competent assiduous work, never forgetting to service their customers' interests, has become the leading locksmith in the entire Seattle metropolitan area. UTS Locksmith Services's rise to success is the result of the trust our satisfied customers have placed in us for solving all their key, locksmith and security problems.

UTS Locksmith Services expresses humble gratitude to all our loyal customers, who believed and continue to believe in us.

We feel that we are well on the way to realizing our original goal - For our customers to sit back relaxed knowing that their security is in our dependable hands.

Whether your problem is in your car, home or business, UTS Locksmith Services has the solution. We solve all your annoying lock and key problems at affordable prices. Impossibilities will be handled immediately, miracles will take a few minutes, that's our motto.

Residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services:

We install, repair, re-key and replace all types of locks and security setups and cut new keys at speeds that are hard to believe.

Alarm security system:

There is no better way of dealing with fire and burglary problems at residential and commercial premises.


Continuous security surveillance where it is needs most.

Keyless entry systems:

For reports and documenting events at entry points.

Intercom systems:

Enables communicating with whoever is at your door from the security of your home or office.

Phone systems:

The simple and efficient way to contact clients and associates.

Join our panel of contended and safe customers. Don't waste time, you never know when you'll be needing us.

Our 24-hour, 7 days a week service guarantees an immediate response to all calls.

Contact us with all your security queries or requirements and join our hundreds of satisfied customers. You won't be sorry that you visited our site.

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