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Model: Introducing INPACTTM

Only the innovation leader could make this kind of impact.
Introducing the advanced INPACT recessed exit device from Von Duprin.
Now you can combine beautiful architectural design with superior functionality.
The low-profile configuration is ideal for applications where clear width is essential.
And the clean, versatile new design blends with an infinite variety of decors.
INPACT is the right choice for healthcare facilities, schools, corporate campuses, theaters, hotels and stadiums.
With its wide pushpad, operation is easy for everyone, including people with disabilities.
This is one case where low profile equals high impact.
Form Follows Function Beautifully
Recessed into the door, INPACT maintains a low-profile presence in a big way. The device projects only 1 1/4' (32mm) off the face of the door while in the open position, making it ideal for corridor doors. When doors are held open, this minimal projection provides more room for people and equipment to pass. And, when an object such as a cart or dolly does bang into the device, the sloped endcaps deflect the object away from the door, protecting the device and the door.

The INPACT is as durable as it is beautiful. Its heavy-duty construction and simple, yet effective mechanism are backed by traditional Von Duprin durability. Devices have exceeded one million cycles under an independent testing laboratory`s supervision.

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