Intercom Systems

Omnicom 64 mpu controller

Fit any Required Multi-Unit/Entrance Configuration. Best of Building Telephone Entry Systems. Capability to control 4 doors or more and up to 63 suites

With these telephone entry systems you won`t pay for spare capacity you don`t need. Because these entry systems can be configured for the exact required capacity, you won`t pay for spare interfacing capacity that your building does not need.

These apartment telephone entry systems are highly modular systems. The main control unit, the MPU module, is made up of plug-in Interface circuit boards that provide service to each apartment on an individual basis. Each entry system will be configured with the strict amount of Interface boards required by your configuration. Your lobby Panel is also delivered in the exact configuration for the total capacity that you require.

For small buildings with 4 units or less, use the EAP-4 panel, for small buildings with 6 units or less use the EAP-6 panel. For larger buildings, use the EAP-23 which uses modular circuit boards to match the required set of units.

These building entry systems are complete in themselves in that they also provide power supply to your doorstrike, whether it is an AC strike or a DC strike, keeping your costs low. The doorstrike is directly powered by the Entry Access Panel with one pair of wires plugging in. You don`t need a separate and maybe complicated series wired circuit to bring power to your doorstrike and to connect to the system, which simplifies your installation a great deal. Use with the Entry Access Panel the specific type of power adaptor required by your doorstrike. One single power supply powers both the EAP module and the Doorstrike device. However, the system is flexible enough to also allow for the use of an existing doorstrike circuit at owner`s best convenience.

The Entry Access Panel, in the EAP-4 and EAP-6 models, also provides as an option a monitoring concealed B&W mini camera which is also power fed by the main circuit board of the module. The camera can be added any time following installation as might be convenient.

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